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Social Media’s Affect on the Facebook IPO

Lessons were learned and this blog lays it all out for us to read and ponder. If you were under siege, would you be prepared to blunt the criticism?      

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Forrester Research: The Tablet-TV Connection

A recent article from Forrester Research: Tablets and TVs are big business: Forrester forecasts that 112.5 million US consumers will own a tablet by 2016, and tablets are disrupting several multibillion-dollar industries related to TV, including cable, broadcasting, advertising, and consumer electronics manufacturing and retailing. Product strategists should read this report to understand consumer behavior […]

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Market Your Content with Social Media

At YouPlusMedia, we are big on content. We are a media company that films videos for the city of Dallas, around the country and around the world, in addition to  blogging and making interactive applications. Having great content is key to a successful website, but it’s not the entire equation. Being able to market your content is […]

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