YouPlus Media
Market Your Content with Social Media
At YouPlusMedia, we are big on content. We are a media company that films videos for the city of Dallas, around the country and around the world, in addition to  blogging and making interactive applications. Having great content is key to a successful website, but it’s not the entire equation. Being able to market your content is the x factor.

The below Power point, entitled How to Craft a Successful Social Media Content Marketing Plan, explains why marketing your content is necessary.

Here are the three most enticing facts regarding why you should read this eye-opening document:

1. The Balance of Power has shifted to the consumer

2. Consumers hate interruption marketing, or force-fed content

3. If you produce and share fantastically useful content, your community will be more likely to become customers, remain customer, and send you more customers.

If you are ready to engage with your audience, read on.

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