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Are Online Video Ads Wasting Your Time?

Bernard Gershon wrote an excellent article in Ad Age Digital  entitled ‘Are Online Video Ads Wasting Your Time?‘ Well of course the answer is yes, but Gershon’s article is a good read if for no other reason that we hope the powers that be will continue to be nudged towards a new model. Gershon points out that […]

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Market Your Content with Social Media

At YouPlusMedia, we are big on content. We are a media company that films videos for the city of Dallas, around the country and around the world, in addition to  blogging and making interactive applications. Having great content is key to a successful website, but it’s not the entire equation. Being able to market your content is […]

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Trending with Nielsen Wire

There is an emerging trend of consumers seeing double with television, and not because they need glasses. As our society grows increasingly ADD, consumers are now relying on their smart phones and tablets to add to the television experience. Nielsen Wire has recently commented on this trend. The article, originally posted by Nielsen Wire on […]

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