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Sports Fan Graph Presented by Coyle Media

Coyle Media has prepared a web-based sports fan graph that tracks the number of fans following professional sports teams around the world.  We see some bugs in the data, but directionally Coyle Media is doing really nice work.  Pat Coyle also blogs on subjects that are near and dear to our heart such as how much […]

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DirecTV and Viacom Feud Goes Public

Jersey Shore and Spongebob fans were dealt a low blow this past Wednesday when the dispute between Viacom and DirecTV resulted in the very public pulling of channels like Nickelodeon, MTV, VH1 and Comedy Central. The blackout is the result of a failure to determine how much money DirecTV will pay Viacom for channels that have become household […]

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What’s Beautiful by Under Armour You+Media had the opportunity to work with our client Under Armour and their digital agency, Red Tettemer Partners to create a series of training tips that have been incorporated into UA’s What’s Beautiful Campaign,  a competition designed to redefine the female athlete.  Shot on location at Under Armour’s headquarters in Baltimore, our team worked with three […]

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Will Apple Redefine the Consumption of Talk Radio?

Radio guru Mark Ramsey reviews a new app designed to increase the popularity of podcasts.  While Pandora now is the choice of close to 150 million users who wish to personalize their music stations, personalized talk radio has not yet been mastered.  Why does this matter?  Terrrestrial talk radio is rapidly consolidating around major platforms […]

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The Social TV Movement

Social TV defines the intersection of social media and TV where individuals exhibit real-time synchronous viewing behavior on television and mobile devices.  Ad Age published an article on the subject here. The chart illustrates the explosion in companies wishing to provide the technology and service platform needs required to facilitate people sharing experiences with each other.  […]

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Brands Jockey for Position in an App World

Ad Age presents a number of interesting articles on the mobile space. This article caught my attention because George Colony, CEO of Forrester, says the web is dying and is redefining online as App Internet.  We are rapidly evolving from search and social to an app world. if this is the case, then brands have […]

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Surface by Microsoft

Microsoft Corp. unveiled its own Windows-powered tablet computer called Surface, altering its strategy of focusing on software and relying on partners to make the machines in a renewed attempt to take on Apple iPad.  The full article can be found here.  Bloomberg weighed in with their views here. Bloomberg made a couple of good observations.  “The first […]

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Mobile is the Future

This is a really good article on why mobile will dominate the media landscape.  The future lies in creating a platform that will allow your target market to connect to your brand based on common interests.  The table below comes from the article. The disparity between the two mediums gives a strong indication as to […]

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Social Media’s Affect on the Facebook IPO

Lessons were learned and this blog lays it all out for us to read and ponder. If you were under siege, would you be prepared to blunt the criticism?      

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Managing Your Social Media Platform

A recent article from AdAge Digital entitled ‘How to Manage You Brand’s Social Life’, discusses the need for brands to become social and engage with consumers. According to the article by Jenna Schnuer, “16.6% of all online minutes now spent on social networks.” The article goes on to discuss a calculable relationship between dollars and […]

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