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Mobile is the Future

This is a really good article on why mobile will dominate the media landscape.  The future lies in creating a platform that will allow your target market to connect to your brand based on common interests.  The table below comes from the article.

The disparity between the two mediums gives a strong indication as to how much room mobile still has to grow.


Screen Shot 2012-05-30 at 6.26.25 PM.png

Our friend, Robert Riggs, turned me on to a recent Comscore study.  Take a look at the information below that was taken from a Tech Crunch article written by Sarah Perez.  The simple fact is that a huge percent of the US and world population are purchasing mobile devices that contain the functionality that is required to fully exploit the best mobile applications.

The report also examined the growth in mobile, and predicted that the number of mobile Internet users would surpass desktop Internet users by 2014. There’s been a 47% increase in smartphone users (106.7 million, or 45.6% of U.S. mobile population) between March 2011 and March 2012, said comScore, and Android now has 51% of smartphone market share, up from 35% last year.

Multi-device ownership (meaning tablets and phones) is up, too, rising 308% since March 2011. As of March 2012, nearly 25% of smartphone owners also own a tablet, up from 8.9% a year prior.