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Love Is Louder – Cameron Ernst

Started by Brittany Snow, The Jed Foundation and MTV, Love is Louder is a social media movement in response to teenage suicides that strives to encourage love and empowerment to anyone who has felt mistreated or misunderstood. Since its inception in September, 2010, millions of people have rallied around this campaign.

USC Graduate and musician Cameron Ernst was moved by the positive action taken by the Love is Louder campaign and wanted to lend his voice to the movement. He did so by penning this anthem, “Love is Louder,” and creating the “Love on the Road Tour” music roadshow which takes this lesson of love’s healing power into schools around the country.

Cameron approached YouPlusMedia in Dallas with his song, and after collaboration with YouPlusMedia’s creative team, the storyboard for this video was developed. Directed by Andrew Holzschuh and Luke Boney, this video takes three characters who feel the sting of criticism and peer pressure;  each one learns that love is more powerful than any negative internal and external voices.

In an age where there are clear but unnecessary divides between classmates, peers, and friends, we must remember that we are all the same. There is a way to help others and yourself when we remember that Love is Louder than anything else – it transcends us all.

Cameron is going to the 54th Annual GRAMMY Awards.  The ‘Love is Louder’ singer was recently named runner-up in the Hitlab music contest, which landed him this incredible resume-builder.

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Original song by Cameron Ernst