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Dallas Mavericks Parade

2011 NBA Champions earn the Larry O’Brien trophy, Championship rings and bragging rights for an entire year. Their fans earn something too, after countless hours spent sitting in bars and in friends’ living rooms cheering on our team, we have earned ourselves a parade. Yesterday, Downtown Dallas was transformed into a blue and white parade route from City Hall to Victory Plaza at the American Airlines Center. Coach Rick Carlisle and Owner Mark Cuban (who graciously footed the bill for the parade) rode along with their families, Jason Kidd high-fived fans, JET did the Jet, NBA Finals MVP Dirk Nowitzki carried the Texas flag, and we saw a surprise appearance from Terrell, Texas native Jamie Foxx.

An estimated 200,000 Dallas fans strategically used a sick day to see the NBA Champions float through their proud city, celebrating an old school, classy, clean team. Fans with their cameras and smart phones in the air, documented the parade so they can say that after 31 years of dedicated fanship, they finally earned their trophy. GO MAVS!

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