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In 2004, Barrington established a manufacturing facility in China and assembled a team of artisans to manufacture leather goods of exceptional quality. 8 years later, Barrington privately produces for a clientele of luxury bands and is making a difference in the lives of their employees.

Barrington provides world-class products at reasonable prices by sourcing all over the world to get the best raw materials. They then put those materials into the hands of fantastic people.  David Gowdey, CEO and founding partner, believes the quality of their products is so high because of the environment they’ve created at Barrington.  They are investing in people with what they call “compassionate overhead”. The company budgets money so they can bring aboard workers who, although talented, have not been able to get a job elsewhere. Those workers receive above-market wages and benefits that enable them to care for their families without having to work overtime. 

This business practice has helped foster a passion for excellence within the workers at Barrington. They make incredible products out of world-class leather in an environment that fosters excellence.

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