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Ablon – Echo Flats

The new generation of apartment dwellers is looking for something different than their parents. They value experience over ownership, place a heavy emphasis on lifestyle, crave a sense of community and incorporate technology into every aspect of their life.

PegasusAblon’s innovative Echo Flats concept is geared towards this “Echo Boomer generation” and caters to what drives them; an apartment that’s more home base than home.

PegasusAblon created the Frisco Bridges property as an example of what the Echo Boomer generation is looking for in a home. From the moment a perspective tenant arrives at the Echo Flats concept, they are greeted by a concierge, but are allowed to explore the property on their own rather than have someone look over their shoulder.

The model unit is in the lobby and allows for the client to survey the apartment on their own terms. The units and all of ther complex is equipped with smart phone connectivity that can control the music. In addition, each unit comes with a technology package that includes HDTV, sound bar, and AppleTV.

The Echo Flats concept has a strong focus on health and wellness. The gym is larger than typical apartment complexes and has the highest level of technology. In addition, the gym has its own Yoga studio with HDTV that allows for residents to perform their own classes in the comfort of their own work out studio.

PegasusAblon realizes the importance of being close to running and biking rails for the Echo Boomer active lifestyle. The Echo Flats concept comes equip with personal bike lockers that residents can use in the garage to store their bikes and tune them up without having to store them in their apartments.

Frisco Bridges, as with all of the Echo Flats complexes, is complete with resort style salt-water pool that allows residents to escape with the feeling of being at a hotel. The beautiful setting and hangout areas allow for tenants to entertain in a cool space that they actually want to be in.

Lastly, the Echo Boomer generation puts an emphasis on sustainable living. This isn’t because the Echo Boomer feels that he or she has to, it is who they are. The Echo Flats are all featured with the smart Nest Thermostat and electric vehicle charging stations.

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